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12 Pack Sticky Wall Tumblers Stretchy Jelly Toys
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Cool Cute Animals Stickers 500 on a roll - Colourful Teacher Merit Stickers
Colourful Foam Self-Adhesive Hearts
Coming Soon - Pre order yours... Cool Beans Reward Jar
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Clever Classroom
Whisper Phones
Our most popular product. The one that started it all.
Clever Classroom
Stamps for marking
so many choices - or ask us to customise.
Clever Classroom
Punch cards
Easy motivation
Clever Classroom
Quiet Critters
So many ways to use these little guys.
Clever Classroom
For those lost teeth

Luck Ducks - need a randomiser or classroom management tool that works?

Classroom Resources made in Australia, by us.

Clever Classroom began with some hand made Lanyards and Whisper Phones and has now expanded to include a range of handmade classroom resources for primary school teachers and students.  Products are mostly made here, in Australia, by us. 

If you have any suggestions or requests for products, please contact us. 

How to use Whisper Phones in your class

How to use Whisper Phones in your class

The Whisper Phone is a listening tool used to help children practise reading skills. It is designed to engage and focus students when reading to themselves. It is also very useful to encourage children to proof read their writing, by reading aloud to themselves.
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How to use Quiet Critters in your classroom

How to use Quiet Critters in your classroom

A unique addition to your teacher management tools.
These cute critters only come out to play if students are working hard.
Control sound levels in your classroom in a fun and easy way thanks to these Quiet Critters.
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