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How to use Whisper Phones in your class

How to use Whisper Phones in your class

The Whisper Phone is a listening tool used to help children practise reading skills. It is designed to engage and focus students when reading to themselves. It is also very useful to encourage children to proof read their writing, by reading aloud to themselves.

This useful device is made from PVC, making it easy to clean.

Made in a range of colours, appealing to students of all ages.

Children hear themselves through these "phones" & are able to hear whether or not the words sound right. Will improve phonemic awareness and speech. Great to use at home. Customisable to suit.

Perfect for children from ages 3-10.

Students typically use whisper phones during reading lessons or when the whole class has independent reading time. Other times, kids may use whisper phones in speech therapy or even in music class.

Whisper phones can assist children who struggle with phonological awareness. The amplified sound helps kids hear the difference between similar sounds, like /f/ and /v/. Likewise, these phones can help children who have difficulty blending two sounds together, such as /s/ and /m/ to make /sm/.

Whisper phones can also help children with fluency. That’s because kids practise a sentence several times until it sounds natural. Practising with a whisper phone can also help build confidence in kids who don’t like reading aloud in class.

By whispering instead of reading with a normal speaking voice, kids get the benefit of reading aloud without some of the drawbacks. The teacher can hear how well the student is reading and correct mistakes. But the child doesn’t distract other kids in the group. Whispering may also be more comfortable for kids who feel anxious about reading out loud.

Whisper reading and whisper phones aren’t just for the classroom. You can use them at home to improve your child’s reading skills.

If your child gets reading homework, try adding some whisper reading into homework time. Have your child read silently. Check in occasionally and ask your child to whisper read to you. This helps your child stay on task and allows you to check on progress and provide support as needed.

You can add the phone to your bedtime story routine. A whisper phone is a great tool if you have more than one child—and multiple requests for bedtime stories! Have each child choose a book. Read a story with one child while another child reads into a whisper phone. After five minutes, switch places.

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