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How to use Quiet Critters in your classroom

How to use Quiet Critters in your classroom

Calm your class without having to raise your voice. Quiet Critters are a great addition to any classroom.  The kids will love engaging with them.

    They help to minimise noise in the classroom as you explain that they are creatures who hate loud noises and love to watch children learning.

    These fun critters endear your students into wanting to play along, focussing their work and keeping noise manageable for their quiet, new friends.

    How do I use the Quiet Critters?

    Once introduced to the class, the critters can start to appear during independent working time. 

    If a table/ group/pair/individual is working quietly, then a quiet critter appears on their table for a while. You may also want to use your school reward system to explain when a quiet critter will appear on a child’s table. 

    You could organise working groups to set off with a quiet critter to encourage quiet work. 

    A quiet critter will disappear from a table if it gets too loud or if there are sudden noises

    Our critters come with a home and poem on the front to assist with their use. 

    • They need peace and quiet.
    • Loud or sudden noises scare them.
    • They like to watch children work and learn from them.
    • Have the children involved in creating other characteristics, giving them names and even a back story, habitats, history of the species.

    Quiet Critters are perfect for all classrooms.

    A unique addition to your teacher management tools.
    These cute critters only come out to play if students are working hard.
    Control sound levels in your classroom in a fun and easy way thanks to these Quiet Critters.

    Quiet Critters:
    We only come around
    When you are working quietly,
    We get scared when we hear a sound!
    We like to sit on your desk
    and watch you from afar
    But if you start to make some noise
    We’ll run back to our jar!

    No two critters are the same.

    Clever Classroom

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