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Glitter Classroom Quiet Critters - pompom creatures to use for classroom behaviour


Glitter Colours Quiet Critters

Used in classroom for behaviour management.

Quiet Critters are perfect for all classrooms.

A unique addition to your teacher management tools.
These cute critters only come out to play if students are working hard.
Control sound levels in your classroom in a fun and easy way thanks to these Quiet Critters.

Quiet Critters:
We only come around
When you are working quietly,
We get scared when we hear a sound!
We like to sit on your desk
and watch you from afar
But if you start to make some noise
We’ll run back to our jar!

So, purchase a set of our critters to help at home or at school.

No two critters are the same.

When you purchase a set of critters you will receive a range of sizes, and designs.
Sizes range up to 30mm for Quiet Critters or 25mm for Tiny Quiet Critters.

Optional plastic jar to house your critters.

See our listings for Classroom Critters - used for writing.

There are 30 critters in a set.

You will also receive a label to place on the front of the jar (which is the home of the critters) with instructions.

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