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6 Pack Soccer Stress Balls - Squeeze Fidget Toy

  • GREAT FOR STRESS RELIEF. squeeze balls are proven to relieve stress as all of your energy and focus is being redirected and taken out on the stress ball.
  • PERFECT TOOL TO HELP YOU WITH MUSCULAR RELAXATION. The benefit of squeezing is renowned to releases some kind of energy that induces you to relax.
  • STRESS BALLS TAKES THERAPY TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL. These stress balls have been handpicked to help kids with autism or ADHD focus and manage daily stress.
  • MAKES A GREAT FUN TOY GIFT OR PARTY FAVOUR FOR CHILDREN. The vivid sports themed designs on these stress balls will appeal to any child and adult alike while improving grip strength, dexterity, mobility as well as fine and gross motor skills.

Each Soccer Stress Ball is 6.5cm in diameter.  

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