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300 x Adhesive Magnets - 20 x 20 x 0.8mm


Strong Magnetic Patches
These self-adhesive magnetic patches have a length of 20mm, a width of 20mm and a 0.8mm thickness.

Easy. Versatile. Clean. Armed with a self-adhesive surface able to glue to almost any material, these magnetic patches are easy to apply.

Peeling a square away from its protective backing sheet exposes the self-adhesive surface. This magnetic patch is now ready to be glued to items requiring magnetic suspension to metallic surfaces.

Materials of all kinds and printed products like calendars, business cards, emergency telephone numbers and note pads are ready for suspension on many metallic surfaces like refrigerators or freezers. Homemade signs expressing hand written operating instructions or useful information can be securely and reliable held with magnetic cling on washing machines, dryers, metal cabinetry as well as many types of ovens and stoves.

In the laundry, garage or workshop, signs equipped with magnetic patches can be attached to vehicles and equipment signalling safety protocols. Magnetic suspension allows the notice to be removed and replaced as easy as pie.

Things change. Signs suspended with magnetic grab simply release with the pull force you determine by the number of magnetic patches you apply to a particular item. Heavier items like tile, timber, stone or fabric samples may require more patches than a calendar, business card or menu.

These patches are happy to help and when the time has come to depart, a simple pull effects release, leaving surfaces drama free and in the same condition as before.

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