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TNT Sour Crazy Crackles - Carton of 36


Get ready for an explosive taste experience with TNT Sour Crackles – the dynamic duo of popping candy and a lollipop that will send your taste buds on a thrilling journey! Unleash the burst of flavours, featuring Strawberry, Grape, and Blue Raspberry, in each exciting pack.


  • 🍓 Strawberry Burst
  • 🍇 Grape Explosion
  • 💙 Blue Raspberry Rush


  • 📦 36 Packs


  • ⚖ 10g Each

With TNT Sour Crackles, treat yourself to a burst of excitement in every bite. Whether you're a popping candy enthusiast or a lollipop lover, this explosive combination is sure to be a hit! Unwrap, pop, and savour the thrill of TNT Sour Crackles – where taste meets excitement!

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