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Kindness Jar for the Classroom

Kindness Jar

Have your students see or experience an anti of kindness carried out by someone else and record it to be celebrated. Students write them down an please them in the jar to be read out at the end of the week.

The purpose os to encourage students to be kind and look for kindness in others, rather than focus on negative.

The jar comes with vinyl lettering in a range of colours. Three sides have words or pictures.
Front: "Kindness Jar"
Side: "Be a bucket filler" with a picture of a bucket (read the book 'Have you filled a bucket today').
Side: Instructions for the jar

You may choose to have your jar personalised - it will then have your class name e.g 5 Green's Kindness Jar

The jar is plastic with a blue plastic lid.

Comes with a note pad in pastel colours 100 sheets.

Jar dimensions: 13cm x 13cm x 15cm

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