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BRAND NEW! 6 Pack Calm Natural colours Whisper Phones

Calm, Natural colours.
green, khaki green, gold, hessian, marble and grey!
The whisper Phone is a listening tool used to help children practise reading skills. 
It is designed to engage and focus students when reading to themselves.  It is also very useful to encourage children to proof read their writing, by reading aloud to themselves.
This useful device is made from PVC, making it easy to clean.
Made in a range of colours, appealing to students of all ages.
Does your child have trouble with phonics (sounds within words)? or Do you want to help them improve their writing? Try one of these. 
Children hear themselves through these "phones" & are able to hear whether or not the words sound right. Will improve phonemic awareness and speech. Great to use at home. Customisable to suit. 
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