Turtle Classroom Critters - pompom creatures to use for classroom behaviour


Green Turtle Classroom Critters
There are a range of uses for these fabulous Critters:

  • Anxiety Busters - Children collect a turtle as they enter the classroom.  They can then have the turtle sit on their desk or hold them in their hand.  They can tell their turtle about all of their worries and stresses.
  • The turtle critter can be used in classroom for behaviour management, not unlike the quiet critters; whereby the teacher hands them out to students who are working quietly.  This then usually encourages the other students to follow.
  • The turtle critters can also be used as story buddies - the children tell their critter their story before they write it.  This helps children formulate their ideas and sequence their writing.  If they can't say it, they can't write ti, so why not help.

These critters come in a set of 30 with a home (a jar with a lid and handle). 

Quiet Critters are perfect for all classrooms.

So, purchase a set of our critters to help at home or at school.

No two critters are the same.

When you purchase a set of critters you will receive a range of sizes, and designs.
Sizes range up to 40mm.

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